How do I generate payroll checks?

  1. Select the pay period. Below the list of employees select one of the following: Weekly, 2 Weeks, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, or Yearly. By selecting the pay period weekly, for example, all weekly employees will be selected and the status will change to Pending. You can select more than one pay period and generate all paychecks for all pay periods at once. If you wish to exclude an employee, double click on Pending to remove the Pending status.
  2. Check the pay period dates for accuracy. The pay period dates will be based off of the dates of the previous payroll checks. In most cases, the correct pay period dates will automatically be selected. To change the pay period dates, click on either the start (first) and/or end (second) date and select the correct date in the calendar. Be sure to check the dates for each pay period you are generating.
  3. In the employee list, NTS will automatically input the number of hours for each hourly employee equal to the number of hours from the previous paycheck. To change the number of hours, click in the hours box and type in the new number of hours. Do not include Vacation or Sick time hours in this box.
  4. The check date will be today's date. To change the check date, simply click on the date and select a new date from the calendar.
  5. The main checking account should be selected as the account to write the checks from and can be changed if necessary by selecting a different account from the drop down list.
  6. The "1st Check #" and "1st E-Check #" box indicate the first check number that will be used for the first check generated. This number will default to the first check number available. To use a different number, simply delete the number and type in a new number.
  7. Click the Generate Payroll button. After the payroll is generated, the status for all employees for whom a payroll check was generate will change to Paid. Click on any employee in the list to see the payroll check that was generated.
  8. If an employee has used vacation or sick time, fill in the number of hours used in the appropriate boxes above the Gross Pay box and then press Enter to save the change. Time must be used in full hour increments.
  9. If you have a deduction or benefit that does not appear on every check, select the employee in the Employee list. Go to the Benefits/Deductions section of the pay check. Type in the amount of the Deduction/Benefit in the appropriate box (before or after tax.) Press Enter to save the change. If the deduction or benefit does not already appear in the list, use the Add Deduction/Benefit feature.
  10. If desired, print a pay stub for your employee(s).
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