How do I edit a payroll check that has already been posted?

A payroll check was charged to the wrong internal / expense account? 
How do I edit the check?

In Payroll setup, I have changed an internal or expense account for the salary, taxes, deductions or benefits, but my old checks have stayed the same.  How do I fix the old checks?

When changes are made to the Payroll setup, the changes are not automatically applied to old payroll checks. This is a safety feature designed to prevent unexpected results. Existing payroll checks must be individually edited.

Change General Paycheck information

  1. From the payroll screen, select the employee whose check(s) need to be changed.
  2. Click the down button next to the check date to bring up the list of checks. (See the illustration below.)
  3. Double-click on the payroll check that needs to be edited from the drop down list. (A double click will close the drop down list. A single click will select the check but the list will remain open.)
  4. To change the pay period start/end dates or the check date, click on the start/end date or check date in the blue bar at the top of the check info (see illustration). A calendar will appear from which you can change the date.
  5. To change the check number, click on the check # in the blue bar. Type in the new check number.
  6. To change the Check Type (Check or E-Check), click on the down arrow button to the left of Check #. Select the type from the list.
  7. To change the Hours Worked, Pay Rate, O.T. Hours, O.T. Pay Rate or Additional Pay, type the correct number or amount into the appropriate box and press Enter. The Tax Withholdings will automatically be re-calculated.
  8. To add a deduction or benefit, please see the link below.
  9. To change the Before/After Tax Deduction/Benefit Amounts or Tax Withholding Amounts, click on the amount you want to change in the Deduction/Benefit box or in the Tax Withholdings Box. These boxes are below the Net Pay box. Type in the new amount and press Enter to save your change. Tax withholdings will NOT be automatically re-calculated.
  10. To Re-Calculate Before-Tax benefits/Deductions, Tax Withholding or After-Tax Benefits/Deductions, click the corresponding text next to the Total box above Net Pay. (i.e., Click Taxes)
  11. To change the expense or internal account for the salary or O.T. pay, click inside the appropriate Pay Rate box (see the illustration below). To change the accounts for the additional pay, tax withholdings, benefits or deductions, click on the amount in the Additional Pay box, the Tax Withholding box or the Benefit/Deduction box.
    The expense and internal account will pop up in a separate box. Select the account(s) you want and then click outside the box or click the X button in the upper left corner to save the changes. See the example below.

The changes you make will be saved automatically.

Edit Payroll Check Expense/Internal Accounts