How can I add a Deduction or Benefit to a payroll check?

My pastor receives a weekly Payroll check, but we also give them a check once a quarter for Social Security.  How do I handle this?

The Add Deduction/Benefit feature allows you to add the deduction or benefit after a check has been generated. This can be useful for adding a one-time deduction or benefit that does not apply to every check.

  1. Generate the employee's paycheck as you normally would.
  2. Click the Add button to the left the Deductions and Benefits on the paycheck. See the illustration below. A box will appear which will allow you to add the deduction or benefit.
  3. Select the deduction or benefit you want to add in the drop down menu box.
  4. Click the "Add this Deduction/Benefit" button to add the deduction or click the 'X' button in the upper left corner to Cancel.
  5. The new deduction or benefit will appear in the Deductions/Benefits box. Click inside the Before or After Tax box and type in the amount of the benefit or deduction. Remember, a deduction must be entered in as a negative number, example: -100.00
  6. When you click inside one of the amount boxes, a box will appear which will allow you to change the Internal and/or expense accounts. Check the to make sure the correct accounts are selected. Make any changes necessary.

NOTE: For a pastor's quarterly Social Security Benefit, you will select Before-Tax. See the example below.

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