How do I print a pay stub listing deductions, benefits and taxes withheld?

There are 2 options for printing a pay stub. A pay stub can be printed on a regular sheet of paper or, it can be printed on a check stub.

Print the pay stub on the check stub

Requirements: The pay stub can only be printed on 3 part checks with the check at the top and 2 stubs below the check. The checks must be compatible with Quickbooks which are the same as the standard check formats included with the software. Please contact us if you are not sure that your checks are compatible. Printing on the check stub is only available on NTS version 5.70 and above.

  1. After generating the pay check(s), go to the Checkbook screen to print the checks.
  2. Click the Print button.
  3. Select the pay checks to be printed. See Printing checks for instructions on how to select multiple checks.
  4. Check the Print with Payroll Stub box and then click OK.
  5. Continue with the normal printing steps. See Printing checks for further instructions.

Print a separate pay stub

  1. After generating the paycheck, find the print button on the right side of the pay check. (See the illustration below.)
  2. Click this button to print the pay stub.
  3. If multiple payroll checks were generated, the system will ask "Would you like to print a pay stub for all employees paid?". Click OK to print a stub for each employee or click No to print a stub for only the selected employee only.
Print Pay Check Stub

Two pay stubs will print on one sheet of paper. Cut the paper in half and give one copy to the employee and the other copy can be kept for the church's records.