How do I add, edit or delete Funds?

How do I keep track of money that people designate for a specific purpose?

Contribution funds are used to keep track of the different things which people contribute money towards. Examples of possible funds would be Tithes, Building Fund, Faith Promise, Alabaster, etc. In most cases, these Contribution funds will translate into Internal accounts in the checking account. You need an internal account Adding a contribution fund does not automatically add an internal account in the checkbook. An internal account must be created separately. For more information see the link below.

Add, Edit or Delete Funds

  1. To add a new Contribution fund, click on Setup from the Contribution Screen and then click Fund List.
  2. Click to highlight the position in the list where the new fund should be added and then click the New Fund button. See the illustration below.
  3. Type in the name of the new fund.
  4. The fund will default to a tax deductible fund which is indicated by the word "Yes" in the Tax-Deductible column. If the fund is not tax-deductible, double-click on the word Yes to change it to a non-deductible fund (the box will be blank).
  5. Click Save or press Enter on your keyboard to save the fund. If you do not see a Save button, then the fund has already been saved and you can close the fund list.
  6. To change the order of the funds, click and drag any fund up or down the list. The default fund or the fund that will appear first when posting contributions is always the first fund in the list.
  7. To edit an existing fund, click on the fund name to change the fund or double-click in the Tax-Deductible column to change the deductible status.
  8. To Print the Fund List: Click the Print button at the top of the fund list.
  9. To delete a contribution fund: Select the fund to delete by clicking on the fund with the mouse. Click the Delete button. In NTS version 4.75 and below, a fund cannot be deleted if it has been used in the current year. It will be necessary to wait until the following calendar year to delete the fund.

To add all funds and services from the prior year to the current year, click the "Copy Prior Year List" button. (This only applies to NTS version 4.75 and below.) On the next screen, choose the first option and then click OK. This will replace all your current funds and services with the funds and services that are in the prior year.

Contribution Fund Setup Screen