How do I use the Auto-Post Deposit?

How do I link the contribution funds to the internal accounts?

If you have NTS version 3.93 or below, please see instructions for prior versions.

The Auto-Post Deposit feature was designed to make the job of entering the deposit of Sunday morning offerings a simple process.

  1. Enter the Sunday contributions in the Contributions section of NTS.
  2. Go to the Checkbook and click Deposit.
  3. In the date box, select the date of the deposit.
  4. Above the Deposit Entry, notice the Sunday Fund Totals box that contains a list, by Contribution Fund, of the money received on Sunday. To choose a different day or a range of dates, click on the start or end date in the upper left corner of the Auto-Post box. See the illustration below.
  5. Cash and check contributions will be shown by default. To view electronic donations, click the Electronic option at the top of the Auto Deposit box. To include all contributions, click the All option. (Only available on NTS version 5.90 and above. Previous versions will show all contributions.)
  6. To the right of each contribution amount, the internal account that is linked to the fund is listed. If the internal account is not entirely visible, click the reduction button at the top of the Recall Deposit window.
    The first time Auto-Post is used, NTS will use the default internal account for new funds. If a different internal account link for any of the funds is needed, simply click on the internal account and a complete list of the internal accounts will appear. Double click on the correct internal account to select the account.
  7. Optional: It is possible to direct that certain funds only be deposited into one specific bank account. To accomplish this, choose a bank account for the fund in the last column of the auto-deposit window. When a bank account is selected, the funds will only be included when a deposit is made into that specific account.
  8. Generally, all funds will be included on the deposit. In this case, skip to Step 7. If only certain funds need to be included on a deposit, use one of the following 2 methods to select individual funds to add to a deposit:
    1. Double click on the amount for a fund and that amount will be added to the deposit. Double-click on each amount that needs to be included on the deposit. After selecting individual funds, skip to Step 8.
    2. Only funds that have an 'X' to the left of the fund name will be added to the deposit entry when the Auto-Post button is clicked. Double click in the column to the left of the fund name to select a fund or un-select a fund.
  9. Click the Auto-Post Deposit button. Two things will happen. The Internal Account links set in step 4 will be saved and the deposit entry will be filled in.
  10. Click the Save Changes button to save the deposit.

Each time a new fund is added in Contributions, verify that the internal account link is correct.

The Auto-Post deposit only includes Check, Cash and Currency Contributions in the totals. If the contribution type on any contribution is anything other than these 3, it will not be included in the total deposit.

NOTE: The Auto Post box will appear each time a new deposit entry is opened. It can be ignored or closed. Click the 'X' button in the upper right corner of the Auto-Post box to close it. Or ignore the box and manually enter the deposit. Even with the box open, it will not affect the deposit unless the Auto-Post button is clicked.

Auto-Post Deposit Window