Backup Data
The Backup feature is used to store a second copy of your data for safekeeping or sharing purposes. The Backup data can either be stored on the NTS Cloud(Internet) or on a local computer folder or device.

Restore from Backup
The Restore feature is used to Recall data that was stored using the Backup feature. This is typically done when sharing data with a user on a second computer or if recovering from a computer failure or installing the NTS software on a new computer. When Restoring, the data on the computer is REPLACED with the specific Backup data selected. For instance, if Restoring the 2024 Checkbook data, then the 2024 Checkbook data on the computer will be COMPLETELY REPLACED (not Merged) with the 2024 Checkbook data from the Backup file. The only option for merging data from a Backup is when using the Contributions SPECIFIC DATE RANGE feature.

Transfer Data between computers