• EASY to use and understand!
    No experience needed!
  • Cloud Data Sharing
    Access your data from multiple computers in different locations.
  • Complete Contributions Accounting including:
    Year-End Charitable Contribution Receipts, Counter's Reports and Fast and Easy Bank Deposits.
  • Streamlined Checkbook management including:
    Reconciliation, In & Out processing, and Check printing.
  • Comprehensive Payroll functions including:
    Federal, State, and Local Tax Tables. Forms W-2, W-3, 941, 944, 1099, and 1096.
  • Built-in Nazarene functionality including:
    Funding the Mission Allocations, Pastor's Annual Report and many others.
  • Great for any church or non-profit org.
    NTS is used by many other churches, denominations and organizations.
  • FREE Remote Support/Assistance
    We provide over 35 years of church accounting experience as we assist you by phone, email and directly on your computer screen. You will be speaking with our USA staff who will use easily understood layman terms and instructions to guide you, answer your questions and to solve your accounting dilemmas.*


  • Full Software Version
  • 60 days to evaluate
  • Free Technical Support
  • No obligation to buy!
We also offer Virtual Treasurer services.

Our Mission

To assist churches and organizations in accurately and efficiently managing finances while eliminating frustration, stress and wasted time.