Virtual Treasurer information

The pricing for the Virtual Treasurer service depends on the financial requirements and size of the church. Each church is unique, so we custom tailor this service to meet the need.

In general, the price ranges from $250/month for small churches to $5000/month for large churches.

Price consideration factors:

    • # of financial transactions each month(donations received, checks issued, etc)
    • # of employees and tax reporting requirements
    • # of Funds tracked
    • # of Accounts
    • Bank charges for ACH transactions
    • Online donations

Services offered include:

    • Donation tracking, reporting and Annual Donor Receipts
    • Checkbook accounting (by Fund and Account)
    • Electronic/online Bill Payments
    • Payroll accounting and tax withholding reporting
    • Monthly Financial Reports
    • Annual Financial Reports
    • Allocation tracking

If you would like more information or to discuss the Virtual Treasurer service, please contact us:


Phone: (817) 318-0303