How can I customize the Statement of Activities report?

  1. Click the Setup Report tab.
  2. Choose the income classification:
    1. Classify by Account: This is the default option which will show income based on the internal account money is deposited into.
    2. Classify by Comment: This option will show income based on the comment that is entered when the deposit is made.
  3. Choose the "Use Separate Line for Interest Income" if the report should separate interest income from other income. When using this option, Interest Income will appear as a separate line. All interest entries will appear on this line.
  4. Choose the "Use Separate Line for Interest Expense" if interest expense should be listed as a separate line. When this option is selected, the report looks for any expense accounts that have the word "interest" in the account name. Those expenses will be separated out from other expenses.
  5. Change the size of the report font by choosing a different font from the drop down list. This is for both the on-screen and the printed font size.
    Statement of Activities options
  6. Income and expense report lines (lines that will appear on the report) are the tan colored lines. Internal accounts / income comments and expense groups will appear on the setup page as white lines.
  7. To add an additional income or expense line, click the "Add Income" or "Add Expense" button and the type in the name of the income or expense line.
  8. To delete an income or expense report line, click the corresponding delete button at the top of the income or expense list.
  9. To change the name of a income or expense report line, click on the line and then type in the new name.
  10. To change the order of the income or expense lines, click and drag a line to move it to a new position in the list.
  11. Internal accounts / Income comments and expense groups can be move to any income/expense report line. Simply click and drag to move from one income/expense line to another.
  12. After making changes, click "View Report" to see the updated report.

To Reset the Report: Press the F11 key or Ctrl + R on your keyboard to reset the report back to it's initial setup. This will delete all report customizations. (Only available on NTS versions 5.42 and above.)

Statement of Activities customization