What do I do if a check is in the checkbook register but not listed in payroll?

I am trying to delete a payroll check but I get a message saying that the check must be deleted from payroll.  I go to payroll and the check doesn't exist.  How do I delete the check?

When a check is listed in the register, but missing from payroll, data for that check has been lost or deleted. This situation is not generally considered a big problem, unless it is an ongoing problem. If this is an ongoing problem, please contact us so we can get the problem resolved.

In order to correct the problem, you will need to delete the check.

  1. To delete the check, select the check in the check register.
  2. Press and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard.
  3. With the Shift key held down, click the Delete button with the RIGHT mouse button.
  4. A message will appear asking "Are you sure that you want to delete? WARNING: Payroll Check". Click OK to delete the check.
  5. Re-create the check if necessary.