How do I generate Christmas bonus or love offering checks for employees?

  1. Select the pay check frequency box for each pay period you have selected to receive a bonus check. In the example below, we have selected 2 Weeks and Monthly.
  2. Setup a special pay period for the bonus check. We suggest a pay period of one day. Set the pay period start and end date as the last date of the most recent pay period (both dates will be the same date). To set the pay period, click on the start and end dates and change the dates in the calendar that appears. Do this for each pay period for which you have employees that will get a bonus check. See the illustration below.
  3. Double click in the status column for any employee which should not receive a bonus check. The status will change from "Pending" to blank.
  4. Click the Generate Payroll button to generate the checks.
  5. Set the number of hours (for hourly employees) and the pay rate (for salary employees) to $0.00. Simply click inside the boxes and type in a zero.
  6. Type in the amount of the bonus / love offering in the Extra Pay box.
  7. Zero out any deductions and/or benefits. Look in the deductions/benefits box and click in the amount box for one of the deductions/benefits. Again, type a zero to overwrite the amount. Do this for every deduction and benefit. See the illustration below.
  8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for each employee.
  9. Print pay stubs, if desired, and then exit payroll to print the payroll checks.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Taxes will be automatically withheld for employees that are set up for withholding taxes as in the example below. Do NOT delete or change Federal or State taxes. Employers are required by Federal law to withhold taxes on all compensation paid to employees including bonuses. To provide your employees with a specific amount of cash, increase the amount of the bonus so that when taxes are withheld the check is the desired amount.

The information contained in this web page is of a general nature. It is not offered as specific legal or tax "advice." Each person, local church, and district should evaluate their own unique situation in consultation with their local legal and tax advisors.

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