How do I handle online contributions where the church is charged a fee?

Post the Contribution

  1. The contribution credited to the giver will be posted just like any other contribution except the Type would be EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). The contributor will receive credit for the full amount of the contribution. The fee should NOT to be deducted from the amount. The contribution should be dated for the date the giver made the online contribution.

Post the Deposit

The deposit will show the amount of the contribution minus the amount charged for any fees.

  1. Open a new Deposit entry.
  2. Fill in the amount of the deposit:
    1. To fill in the deposit using the Auto-Post function, change the date at the top of the Auto-Post box to the date the contribution was made and then click the Auto-Post button.
    2. Fill in the amount of the deposit manually. Start by entering the full amount of the contribution given without deducting any fees.
  3. Add a new detail line to the deposit. Click the Add Line button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Double-click in the EC column (far left side of the deposit). This will put an "XX" in the box. See the example below.
  5. Select the expense account to be charged for the online fee.
  6. Select the internal account that should be charged with the fee (typically, Church - General Operating.)
  7. In the amount box, fill in the amount of the fee. This amount needs to be entered in as a negative number, i.e. -5.50.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 8 as many times as necessary if the fees should be split between different expense and/or internal accounts.
  9. Update the amount of the deposit to show the deduction for the fee. To do this, simply double-click on the total amount of the deposit. See the example below.
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