How to install NTS

Installation Instructions for current NTS versions

  • Click the Installation link in the email
  • The File download progress should be visible in the upper-RIGHT screen area.(sometimes lower-LEFT)
  • If a Security message appears that is temporarily Blocking the Download, then hover your Mouse Pointer over the message, then click the 3 dots on the RIGHT side of the message and choose KEEP from the drop-down menu. If other similar messages appear, then follow the same process.
    Keep File
  • After the File Download is complete, Click OPEN FILE or Double-click the File Name. On some browsers, you may need to first click the DOWNLOAD arrow in order to see the File.
  • Depending on your computer security settings, you may see Confirmation message(s) appear.
    Keep File
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the NTS software.
  • After the Installation is complete, you will need to Log-In to the NTS software for the 1st time.
    When prompted for a PASSWORD, use the DEFAULT PASSWORD "00000" (5 zeros)