The income and/or expense on the Periodic Financial Report doesn't match the Statement of Activies. Why is there a difference?

The Statement of Activities is a standard accounting report. This report uses the rules for this type of report which is different from the Periodic Financial Report.

The difference will be the amount of any Expense Credit (EC) Deposits. On the Periodic Fianancial report, EC deposits are reported as a reduction (or credit) to expense. This reduces the amount of expense shown on the report by the amount of the deposit. This can be very helpful to a church since some money (like in/out funds) really isn't an expense to the church. The church is just handeling the funds for someone else. Since standard accounting rules are used for the Statement of Activites, all deposits are included in income. Deposits can't be labeled as a credit to expense using using the rules for the Statement of Activites.

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