How does NTS account for Mission Specials?  I have taken up and posted a 10% Approved Special offering but it is not appearing on the Allocation Report under Mission Specials.

Per the guidelines from the General Church, you do not receive credit for Mission Special offerings until the offering has been paid. NTS does the same thing. Once the check has been written for the offering, NTS will include the amount paid as a mission special on the allocation report.

If you will be sending in a payment for the Mission Special offering along with your normal World Evangelism Fund allocation, you can enter the amount of the approved special in the "This pmt" column. Enter the amount and press Enter on your keyboard and NTS will add the deduction for approved special and give you the new amount to send in. See the link below for further instructions.

If you have written a check for the approved special and it is not appearing on the report, it could be for one of two reasons. First, the payment may not be within the date range of the report. The allocation report only shows those transactions that are paid during the date range of the report. Second, the expense account for the mission special may not be linked to the allocation report. See the link below for instructions on linking accounts.