Can I post checks for WEF or other allocations in this year and have them apply to the next/previous fiscal year?

I need to post a budget payment for the fiscal year that has already ended.  How do I post the payment so that it will appear on last year's reports?

Checks to pay for World Evangelism Fund, Educational and other allocations must be posted in the year in which it will apply. Checks for the 2015/2016 allocations must be posted in the 2015/2016 year. A check could be written before the beginning of the fiscal year or after the end of the fiscal year, but the check would still need to be posted in the year that it would apply.

Example, the fiscal year ended March 31. The allocations have not been completely paid, so a check is written on April 20 to finish paying the budget. That check will need to be posted on March 31. In NTS, change the fiscal year back to the prior year and post the check, dated March 31. After posting the check, the starting balances for the fiscal year that started April 1 will need to be updated. See the link below for more information.