How does NTS report the Pastor's payroll on the 941 Form?

Based on guidelines from the IRS, the pastor's salary should be included on Forms 941 and W-2. NTS reports the pastor's income on Forms 941 and W-2 based on these guidelines. On Form 941, the pastor's income should ONLY be included on line 2 and not on line 5. Only non-ministerial employees' salaries should be reported on these lines.

The same is true for Form W-2. The pastor's income should not be reported as FICA and/or Medicare wages. See the illustrations below.

Your pastor's tax situation may be different. However, if you are unaware of any unique circumstances regarding your pastor's tax situation, the above guidelines will generally apply. Contact a local tax advisor or your district office if you need further assistance with how to report your pastor's salary or if you are unsure of your pastor's tax situation. The links below also have good information.

Form 941 which includes the pastor's salary
Pastor's W-2

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