How do I post a Bank Service Charge / Fee or refund?

The best way to post bank service fees or a refund for a bank fee is to use the Expense Adjustment entry. The expense adjustment entry is similar to a check without a payee.

  1. From the Checkbook screen, click "Expense Adjustment." This button is near the Check and Deposit buttons.
  2. In the amount box, type in the amount of the fee. Since it is a fee, you will need to type in a negative sign "-" before the amount. See the example below.
  3. Fill in the remaining part of the adjustment like a check. The only difference is that for the amount will again be negative. See the example below.

A refund for a bank fee or service charge will be posted in a similar manner. The difference is that all amounts will be positive.

Expense Adjustment for Bank Fee Example