I am trying to save a check by clicking the SAVE CHANGES button but I cannot click it because it is disabled.  What am I doing wrong?

Check the following list of items:

  1. Check the payee and make sure that a payee has been selected.
  2. Check the total amount of the check against the total of the lines in the transaction detail. The total of the transactions in the transaction detail is located above the upper right corner of the transaction detail box. In order to save a check, both totals must be equal. See example below.
  3. Check to be sure that each column of the transaction detail is filled out. The only exception is the comment. The comment is optional on all transactions.
  4. If there is a Save button in the bottom right corner, click the Save button. If the last detail line entered disappears or is deleted, it indicates there was a problem with that line. Usually, it indicates that either an expense account or internal account was not selected. If this happens, re-enter the line making sure all the columns are filled out.

Once all of the above issues are resolved, the Save Changes button should light up. Click the Save Changes button to post the check.

Check totals must match in order to save the check.