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The NTS Story.  NTS started as a very simple idea.  David Watson had a desire to make
         it easier for his father (Clifton), who was serving as treasurer for a local Nazarene
         church, to keep track of the church finances.  David noticed that his dad spent many long
         hours laboring over the task of keeping the church's financial records and suggested that
         computer software might greatly reduce the time needed to do so. His dad agreed, and so
         they worked together over the course of many months to define the needs of a Nazarene
         treasurer and the type of reports that would be required to submit to the Church Board and
         to the District office.  David, who was working in the computer software industry, built a
         software program to meet those needs and requirements. The very first version of NTS was
         built in the mid-1980s and was tweaked for several years in order to make it a more
         complete solution for the local treasurer.  By the early 1990s, other churches had heard
         about the software and were asking to use it.  So in 1993, David packaged the software,
         setup a table at the West Texas District Assembly, and the Nazarene Treasury System was
         born!  Within a year, churches all across the United States were using NTS.  Since then,
         NTS has been upgraded and enhanced at least 2 times every year and we continue to seek out
         new ways to make the NTS software the best tool available anywhere!  NTS is currently
         serving Nazarene churches in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canada.
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