The amount paid or amount due for Allocations on the Annual Report is not correct.

  1. At the top of the annual report, click Setup Report.
  2. Go to the Report Formulas section at the bottom of the report.
  3. On line A - Total Allocations, do the following based on the version of NTS you have:
    1. Version 4.90 or above - Set the formula for the Total Allocations to "@TD". This special formula will pull the Total Allocations Due from the Allocation Report. See the illustration below.
    2. version 4.86 or below - Enter the amount due for the allocations this year into the Formula column. Precede the amount with the # sign. Be sure to enter dollars and cents. Example: #8952.00

If the amount paid is incorrect, then you need to check your annual report setup. See the link below for further instructions.

10% Giving - Standard Calculations