How to View / Print Federal Forms 1099-NEC and 1096

Note: As of 2023, it is no longer necessary to order/purchase Blank 1099-NEC or 1096 Forms. The NTS software has been given permission from the IRS to print these Forms in their entirety.

  1. From the Payroll screen, click on the Reports button and then select the 1099-NEC/1096 Report option.
  2. If necessary, change the Payroll Year by clicking the arrow buttons on either side of the year: .
  3. Self-employed and Contract laborers will automatically be selected to receive a 1099-NEC. To select or de-select an Employee, double click on the Employee's name. "XX" will appear next to a Selected name.
    Double click to select employees
  4. To ADD a Vendor/Contractor from the Checkbook Payee list that needs to receive a 1099-NEC:
    1. Click the Add/Edit Vendors button. (below employee list)
    2. Select Payee(s) by Double-clicking the column to the left of the name.
    3. An "X" will appear next to the Payee name.
    4. After all selections are made, click the "X" button in the upper-right corner of the Payee window.
  5. Click the Calculate Tax Statements button.
  6. Click on Vendor name to VIEW the 1099-NEC information.
  7. Verify that amounts and information are correct for each vendor. If changes need to be made, click inside the applicable box and make changes accordingly. Verify that the Social Security # of the vendor is correct in the box labeled RECIPIENT'S TIN.
    NOTE: Changes made inside the form ONLY APPLY to the current session and are NOT permanently saved.
  8. Verify that the Church Federal Employer Indentification #(EIN) is showing in the box labeled PAYER'S TIN, and the the Employer Name,Address and Phone are correct in the upper left box.
  9. The box labeled ACCOUNT # in the lower left can be left BLANK.
  10. Boxes 5,6 and 7 are not required by the IRS and can be left BLANK or $0.00.
  11. To print the form, click the Print 1099(s) button.
  12. Select the Copies to Print by clicking the box to the left of each copy.
  13. Click the OK button
  14. Select the preferred Printer from the Printer dialog box and then click OK

View/Print Form 1096

  1. Click View 1096, at the top of the screen. The 1096 information is automatically calculated based on the cumulative 1099-NEC amounts.
  2. Make any changes necessary to the form by clicking the applicable box and editing as needed.
  3. Box 2 (labeled SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER) should be left BLANK.
  4. Click the Print 1096 button
  5. Select the preferred Printer from the Printer dialog box and then click OK

The information contained in this web page is of a general nature. It is not offered as specific legal or tax "advice." Each person or organization should evaluate their own unique situation in consultation with their local legal/tax advisors.