Employee Setup Step 1: Basic Employee Information

  1. From the main payroll screen, click on Setup.
  2. To add a new employee, click the Add New Employee button in the bottom right corner of the window.
  3. Type in an employee number. This number should be unique for each employee.
  4. Fill in all the employee's personal information on the yellow information page; name, social security number, address, and phone number.
  5. Below the address, you will find the Employee Type selection box. Select the employee type from the list.
  6. Select the employee's marital status.
  7. Check the Self-Employed OR Contract Labor box for anyone who will NOT receive a W-2 including self-employed or contract labors. Do NOT mark this box for any pastors on staff at the church. This box can be checked for supply pastors.
  8. Select the Pay type from the selection box; Salary, Hourly, Contract or Other.
  9. Select the pay frequency: Weekly, 2 Weeks, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Yearly or Contract. See the illustration below NOTE: If the employee is paid twice a month (example, paid on the 15th and 30th), select Bi-Monthly.
  10. If the employee is paid by the hour, type in their hourly pay into the Hourly $ box and then the over time rate. If an overtime rate does not apply, leave the amount as $0.00. If the employee is salary, enter in their Annual Salary in the Salary box. Leave the overtime amount $0.00 since it does not apply for salary employees.
  11. For employees that are paid using direct deposit, select E-Check (electronic check) in the "Pay by" box. Otherwise, the leave the Pay by setting as Check.
  12. Select the expense account and internal account for this employee's salary. In most cases, the internal account will be the Church - General Operating account. The expense account will generally correspond to the type of employee or employee's position.
    Each time a payroll check is generated, the expense and internal accounts will be charged for the Employee's Gross Pay amount.
Employee Information Setup Window