How do I use the Auto-Post Deposit?

How do I link the contribution funds to the internal accounts?

The Auto-Post Deposit feature simplifies the deposit process.

  1. Enter the donations in the Contributions section of NTS.
  2. Go to the Checkbook and click Deposit.
  3. In the date box, specify the date of the deposit.
  4. Above the Deposit Entry, notice the Donation Totals box. This box will automatically appear when posting or editing a Deposit. Donation information will be included for the most recent period based on the Deposit Date. Only Funds and Donation Types that have activity during this DONATION DATE RANGE will appear. See the illustration below.
    Auto-Post Deposit Window
  5. Select the Day(s) of Week, Donation Type(s) and Fund(s) by clicking on the desired item. Selected items will appear in GREEN. To un-Select, click item again. In this example, the following items are Selected: Date: Sunday 12/6, Types:(Check, Currency), Funds:(Tithe, Building Fund, Faith Promise).
  6. Service(s) may also be selected by clicking the Drop-down arrow and clicking on the desired items in the list. The list of Services will only appear if there are at least 2 with activity.
  7. Specify the Internal Acct Link for each Fund by clicking the column next to the Fund amount and then the Internal Acct list will appear. Then click the desired Internal Acct from the list. This selection will be remembered for future use.
  8. Click the Auto-Post button to Post the Donation information into the Deposit.
  9. Click the Save Changes button to save the deposit.


  • To quickly select the entire Fiscal Year date range, click the DONATION DATE RANGE text. To quickly select the entire CALENDAR date range, Right-Click it.
  • If there are NEGATIVE $ amount donations for a Donation Type, then the $ Amount will end with an asterisk("*").
    If there are NEGATIVE $ amount donations for a FUND, then then Fund name will include the Donation Type and be enclosed in parentheses.
  • Individual Fund Amounts can be posted to the Deposit by RIGHT-CLICKING the Amount next to the Fund.
  • The Donation Totals box will appear each time a new Deposit entry is opened. It can be ignored or closed. Click the 'X' button in the upper right corner of the Auto-Post box to close it. Or ignore the box and manually enter the deposit. Even with the box open, it will not affect the deposit unless the Auto-Post button is clicked. The Donation Totals can be reopened by clicking