How do I reconcile the checkbook?

With this report, a dated Bank Reconciliation Report can be created. These instructions provide the basic steps to do a normal reconciliation and is recommend for most users. For full instructions of all the various options and information on reconciling NTS for the first time, please call us at 817-318-0303 or see Full Reconciliation Instructions.

  1. This first step is optional. Right click in the "R?" (or reconciled) column to set the checkbook register filters (Don't click on the R? itself, but click in the column below the R?.) This will sort the transactions in the register. Unreconciled transactions will be listed at the top, and then sorted by transaction type and transaction/check number. For more information about filters, see Setting Transaction Register Filters.
  2. To start a new report, click the Reports button and then Reconciliation report. Optionally, double click in the "R?" column on any non-reconciled transaction that appears on the bank statement. We recommend starting with the first deposit on the bank statement.
  3. A blue box will appear from with 3 options. Choose the first option which is to Create a New Report.
  4. For this option, find the date box. Click on the date and change the date to the ending date on the bank statement.
  5. Click OK at the bottom of the blue reconciliation option box to continue.
  6. A box may appear asking if transaction from the previous year should be included on this report. Answer Yes.
  7. The Reconciliation Report will appear on the left side of the screen. The reconciled transactions will appear in the bottom half of the report screen with totals and balances listed at the top. Continue to mark the remaining transactions listed on the bank statement as reconciled by double clicking in the "R?" box for each transaction. (See illustration below.)

    Optional: Press the space bar to reconcile a transaction. Highlight the reconciled box for the transaction using the mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard and then press the space bar.

  8. When all transactions on the bank statement have been marked as reconciled, the ending balance on the report should match the ending balance on the bank statement. This indicates that NTS is reconciled with the bank statement. If the balance is different, then there is a problem that needs to be corrected.
  9. To print the report, click the Print icon button to print the report. The printed report will include cleared and uncleared transactions along with a statement balance and register balance.
  10. To close the report, click the 'X' button at the upper right corner of the report.

At the bottom right corner of the transaction register, the current reconciled balance is shown. This balance will update as transactions are reconciled.

To review a report after it is closed, click Reports at the top of the Checkbook screen and then click Reconciliation Report.

Reconciliation report selections