How do I correct or repair an old reconciliation report?

Once a reconciliation report is completed, it should never need to be changed. Changing an old reconciliation report could result in incorrect balances and cause more problems. Making changes to completed reports should only be done when absolutely necessary. Be sure you are making the correct changes before following this process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. We will gladly help you fix any issues with an older report. Repair mode is only needed in NTS versions 5.50 and above.

Below are instructions on how to enter the reconciliation repair mode. Once in repair mode, transactions can be unreconciled or added to a report.

  1. Open the reconciliation report that needs to be corrected.
  2. Press the F9 key or Ctrl + R. A message will appear asking you to confirm that the report needs to be repaired. Click Yes to continue.
  3. Changes can now be made to the report.
  4. Transactions can be added to or removed from the report by double clicking in the reconciled column.
  5. To delete or edit the amount of a transaction: First, unreconcile the transaction and then close the reconciliation report. The transaction can now be edited like other non-reconciled transactions.