Will there be updates to the Federal or state withholding tax tables for 2018?
Will there be updates for the 2017 Tax Forms?

NOTICE! The IRS has released new tax tables based on the changes Congress made in the Tax Reform Bill. We will be releasing an update with these new tax tables soon! Be on the look out in the next 1 to 2 weeks for an email from us notifying you of the update with the new 2018 Federal Tax tables.

Updated 2017 Federal Tax Forms and 2018 state and local income tax tables are included in version 5.71 which is now available.

If you have an email on file with us, an email notification has been sent. See the upgrade email for instructions on obtaining the new version. If you did not get the email notice about the upgrade, please send an email to mail@ntssoftware.com with your customer number and request that an upgrade email be sent to you. If you are not sure if your email is on file, please sent us an email as well.

Feel free to check this page periodically for any changes. We will update this page with any changes as necessary.