How do I setup the new calendar year contributions?

I am trying to change the year in contributions but I get an error message that says, "Could not open Names Table."  What is causing the problem?

These instructions are only for NTS version 4.75 and below. If you have version 4.80 or above, NTS will automatically setup a new year.

    1. For NTS versions 3.90 or above: Click the forward button on the calendar to get to January. Optionally, click on the year at the top of the calendar and select the year.
    2. For NTS versions 3.81 or below: Find the Date (date) button. Click on the button and a calendar will appear. Change the date to the first Sunday in January of the new year. Click OK.
  1. A window, like the one below, will appear. Choose one of the two following options:
    • Copy All Set-up Information from the Contribution Year: 20__. This option, which is automatically selected, will copy the names, funds and service lists from the prior year. In most cases, this is correct option to choose.
    • Copy Default Set-up Information. No names and will be copied from the prior year. The new year will start with a blank list and the default fund and service lists.
  2. Click OK. Contributions can now be entered for the new year.
For more information see:
  • Start New Contribution Year window