How do I change a regular Check to an E-Check or an E-Check to a Check?

If you have NTS version 4.00 or above:

  1. Locate the check in the checkbook register.
  2. Double click in the Type column on the word "Check" or "E-Check".
  3. Click OK on the popup message box to confirm the change.
  4. NTS will select the next available check number for the check. If different check number is needed, click the edit button and change the number.

If you have NTS version 3.93 or before:

  1. Start a new check of the correct type.
  2. Enter the payee.
  3. se the check recall and select the previously posted check from the list.
  4. Save the Check.
  5. Delete the original check that was posted as the wrong type.
For more information see: