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EASY to use and understand!
Treasurer experience and/or computer experience are NOT required!
Funding The Mission - Allocation Calculations
The new Allocation Calculator is built into NTS so you know exactly what you need to pay to meet your WEF and other goals. NTS does all the work for you!!
Built-In Nazarene Account structure.
Local, District, Education, and General Budgeting.
Complete Checkbook Management and Reconciliation.
Simple In & Out processing.
Comprehensive Payroll function including Federal, State, and Local Tax Tables. Includes
Forms W-2, W-3, 941, 944, & 1099-MISC.
Complete Contributions Accounting including Pledges.
Built-In Nazarene Reports including the Annual Report, Monthly Board Report and many customizable and account-specific reports.
Charitable Contributions Receipts and many other Contributions Reports.
Check, Label and Envelope Printing.
FREE 60-Day Trial !!
For a LIMITED TIME, you can order NTS and try it for up to 60 days for FREE! There is no cost or obligation to purchase.
  • You will receive the complete NTS package to try for 60 days.
  • Technical Support is completely FREE during the trial period.
We will contact you near the end of the Trial Period and give you the option to Purchase NTS or to cancel your NTS service.
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